$189k BTC Loan Update

This is not financial advice and you should not follow anything I say below. My personal circumstances are difference to yours. I have no kids, mortgage, debt, wife.

The most upvoted comment from my last post was to sell my BTC and pay off my loans and let the rest ride. I have decided to do the opposite. I’ve used my BTC as collateral on Blockfi to take out a $89k loan (across 3 loans) and invested it in bitcoin.

$89,000 = 1.543BTC Average purchase price of $57,679

Previous loans: $100k = 3.754btc @ $26,638 USD

5.297 BTC @ $35,680

I am using my BTC profits as collateral so I’m effectively playing with the house’s money. I get margin called at around $17k BTC.

Im aware we are mid cycle so coming to the party a little later than I would want but after the Tesla buy I feel that bitcoin has been de-risked significantly.

If Bitcoin drops to zero tomorrow I lose my net worth and have to pay back $100k of my previous loans. I can comfortably afford the repayments and have 30 years of working life left but it would suck for a few years.

If bitcoin does what I hope ($200k+) then I never have to work again and it will completely transform my life.

That’s my risk/reward and for me it is worth it.

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