Invest only what you can spare should be a motto to everyone here

With people panicking with the drops and so on that basically happen all the time. I mean, this is bitcoin.

We should ask ourselves. Can I have invested the money I have now? How would I react to a 50% drop? Or a absolute crash?

If the answer is with deep despair and problems for oneself, then consider to put less in. Seriously, we see the memes of going all in but to actually do it is reckless.

Also, it’s very important that you don’t get obsessed with the future. Like lose your life now just to invest. For instance you used to go with your wife and kids every weekend to some place eating out and do your stuff that you enjoy. Now that you discovered bitcoin you are thinking about doing it less to invest more. This is stupid. Always keep in mind that the future doesn’t exist, is an imagination, only the present moment is real. So go out and eat with your wife and kids and have fun now instead of waiting for something to happen that will give you the opportunity to have more fun. So even a 100€ dinner can often be a better decision than 100€ on bitcoin or whatever thing you invest.

Bottom line. Invest only what you can without compromising not even the good moments you can have right now instead. What you can spare is literally what would stay in pit of the bank month after month.

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