Good memes create organic growth

I'm aware that this is an unpopular opinion amongst many here, but hear my perspective. I think we should consider permitting memes on this subreddit. This thought was inspired from a meme that was recently posted.

We live in an era of memes. Good memes have a viral factor which provides incredible potential for effective propagation of ideas.

Assuming we all want to get ahead in the battle of narratives in the cryptosphere, I think we should consider them effective supplementary tools in raising awareness. Raising awareness will lead to increased organic growth… which is ultimately what we all want right?

Good memes are funny, insightful and don't harm anyone. Monero is a powerful technology that can change the world, hence others and myself, think we are doing Monero a disservice in banning memes that can grow awareness

You might say that it will taint the quality of discussion on here. But how is that so? There will still be daily discussion threads. There will still be quality posts being shared and upvoted. I think memes can exist nicely alongside more technical and serious-natured posts. If not permanently, why not try a trial of allowing memes for a few weeks, and if it doesn't work, change things back again?

Thoughts, critiques?

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