a teen investing in bitcoin

hi i am a senior high student from china.i started investing in cryptocurrency 1 year ago using my $300 pocket money.

at first i lost $150 for having no experience with high leveraged futures, then i expanded my knowledge of stocks by reading and watching video online as well as my own experience. so i progressed a lot.

So far my money has increased 18 times and i've made over $6000. in Feb this year i started mining. i bought computing power from mines.

i've bought 1TH/s Filecoin computing power for $1000 which is expected to give me $1500 540 days later if a filecoin worth $20. but now it worth $130. i believe it will "fly to the moon".

i've bought 38TH/s bitcoin computing power for $3000 which give me $350 per month, and the ETH 50MH/s for $1200, which give me $150 per month. and i'll re-inverst the mining income into bitcoin and ETH mining again every month, so that my computing power as well as the money it can make will be doubled every year.

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