Bitcoin enabled me to save a life yesterday.

That life was a family member's: My daughters life-long best friend, her dog Sarah. Sarah got a case of the dumb, and ate and swallowed a rolled-up sock. By the time we figured something was wrong, she had quit eating and couldn't keep fluids down. The sock had buried itself deep in her intestine, and was causing a life-threatening blockage.
After looking at Xrays, the doctor stressed that she would most likely die if we left it where it was, and the only option was an expensive exploratory surgery to remove the obstruction.

When I told my ex (who's the one who actually owns Sarah), she wanted to just have her put down, because, though she had money to help with the surgery cost, she didn't want to "waste" it on a dog.

When the doctor told me and my daughter exactly how much it would cost for the surgery, she broke down in tears, but I immediately told the doctor to perform the surgery.

Thanks to Bitcoin, that is. Without my Bitcoin holdings, I wouldn't have been able to sell (a small amount, about 1/12 of a BTC) and my daughter's best friend would probably have died.

I told my daughter that there was never a question, no matter what her mom said, because Sarah is a part of the family, and I wouldn't let a sock take her down.

So thank you Bitcoin, for being there, and for helping me make the easiest decision ever when it came to selling some that would stop my daughter's sadness.

We pick up Sarah from the surgeon's at 2pm today, and my daughter is going to be over the moon.

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