Prove me wrong, open for a non religious discussion.

People are "waking up" to the fact of how global financial system works. A pure fraud, which all of us here know probably. The next logical step is to research the only alternative, cryptocurrencies.

Precious metals also have their audience though if we're real, cryptos will clearly prevail. That doesnt mean precious metals market cap will drop.

I was a long time Peter Schiff and Mike Maloney subscriber, since like 2012. The gold and silver are far less attractive to people who grew up on the internet.

You know how much hidden wealth there is. Or you can wrap your head around putin and all the leaders, that rich faces, wanting nobody to know nothing.

Do you think after cryptocurrency becomes mainstream in a number of years, fcking political leaders and you know who, will want to keep their wealth in a bank account? Where somebody can see all their transactiins? Bitcoin?

I just cant see how it aint obvious. Monero remains untraceable + atomic swaps. Cake wallet

I havent invested life savinhs so I'm not religiously or emotionaly attached.

Would like to hear your opinion

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