Buying and storing bitcoin while on a boat

I'm in the military. In a few months I will be deploying on a boat and will have pretty terrible internet access and most likely zero access to any exchanges for, let's just call it 12 months straight. I'd like to regularly purchase bitcoin and store it securely during that time. I've used coinbase and a ledger up to this point. I could set up automatic purchases on coinbase, but I'm not sure how to transfer them off of coinbase with no internet access. I don't really want to keep a years worth of purchases on an online exchange for that long. I am single and don't have anyone to trust with handling this.

On another note. I plan on putting all of my belongings into storage during my deployment. I am going to commit my seed to memory, but I would like to have a backup written down in the event of my passing, which is not entirely improbable. I'm not sure how I feel about my seed written down on paper or metal sitting in a storage facility for 12 months. I could put it in a safe? Open to ideas and suggestions.


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