Hello guys, I came from the year 2070

Hello guys, I came from the future of the year 2070 and I come to tell you that Bitcoin was adopted by the global masses, which was recognized as the only authentic currency of exchange, either by the segments of value and trust, that the idea of being a speculative asset has been ridiculous and that the whole world, global trade is conducted with BTC and today 1 BTC is costing 1 million dollars (a currency that my grandparents said were worth something) that today no longer exists. Governments have also adopted and recognized the importance of BTC and also recognize that governments are incompetent, twith these measures they lost power and today as well as one of the characteristics of BTC, there are no governments, only decentralization, works also for the exchanges of consumer goods for society, what they call peer to peer, I call mutual exchange of trust. Many families were saved on account BTC, many poor families who did not have many hopes of a glorious future, who found that by chance, their deceased relatives had a coldwallet with some satoshis (say that some became millionaire in satoshis). Here in the year 2070 everything is prosperous and we live a full life, where the ideas and ideals followers of Bitcoin built with the ideas of a Satoshi Nakamoto (my parents said he was very important, was a superhero for all of them) must be why we have a statue diamond of him in the center of the Capital Nakamoto Center.

And by the way, I'm not going to say my name because my parents forbid me to talk to strangers, I just traveled on a time machine built by my grandfather to try to find Satoshi Nakamoto and take a look at him a very tight hug and thanks him for the world he left for me and my friends, but I couldn't. It seems to me he also has a time machine, or he guessed I'd come and escaped. Who knows? Well, it's time to go if not my grandfather will find out that I ran away, bye and do not lose hope.

Long live Bitcoin, long live freedom and all its followers, health and prosperity. Bitcoin is the only way, save your lives.

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