Monero business POS Terminal

Monero business POS Terminal

Long and first post so lets see how we go.

I will be trying to get this to the devs also, but im sure they are really busy, dont want to bother them to much.

For Monero to succeed in the retail space, i hate to say it, it is in need of a tweak in the GUI wallet or a new business wallet with POS Terminal? here are some shit photoshops i did.

First the POS Terminal, retail/business screen.

Super friendly, easy employee proof type set up. press "new order" button enter amount $12.00AUD it converts to XMR automatically scraping exchange rates. Press print order. it pops into orders Done, possible to confirm payment for order?

Second the customer screen.

Goes without saying really, what shows up on customer screen for them to pay, their order amount $ and XMR and the exchange rate, and payment QR Code.

There are several reasons i say this, for Monero to work in a fast paced or retail area this needs to be done, and be simple for business dinosaurs and junior staff alike. I also have a side plan to help Monero along.

Once or if this is implemented i will ask all other business i work with, coffee shops, takeaways ETC "Do you accept Monero " Then explain it all to them be your own bank, private, secure, maybe a nice leaflet.

Side hustle, i will also sell and help install these ready to go Monero POS Terminals, with a PDF how to.

Any Questions? good/bad idea? lets go.

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