The startup: the digital Bitcoin wallet for blind people

I've an idea for a startup: the digital Bitcoin wallet for blind people. I'll be glad to form a team to develop this project. I've good connections with the mainstream (The Daily Telegraph, New-York Times etc.) and crypto media to push this project and secure an awareness about him + social media (SMM, SEO). As a professional Finance consultant and professor of Corporate Finance I've developed a business-model to secure that the project will break even.

I think the project needs a developer to create maybe on the already existing code the basic digital wallet. The new will be the voice identification of the user, the voice management of the digital wallet and the service of voice advertising. Possible investors and supporters of this socially important project are welcome, you can send me a direct message. Initially I've come to the idea of this project since one of the most important people in my life, my teacher, is blind.

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