TIL never ever tell someone about your bitcoin

I met a random guy recently and we talked a little bit about random stuff. After a while he came up with Bitcoin and asked me about my opinion. I told him that I own Bitcoin but not the exact amount. Anyway, it turned out that he had a certain level of criminal energy and had a ton of crimes convicted over the last years. Conversation went like: "I'd never harm somebody, you know that. But if I could make some fast money I'd get my guys, kidnap you and cut off your fingers until you tell me your seed". We had some beers and continued with some different shit. But right now I am searching for some self defense tools. I've never felt so uncomfortable. Hope things will not get ugly. Here is my advice: No matter how much you love the technology or how badly you want to share your Bitcoin story: Don't tell someone unless you are not 100% sure that he is trustworthy. Don't be foolish like me.

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