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Hey guys sorry if these types of posts may be frowned upon, but I did try to research, and ask around in discords, and I did post this first into the general discussions thread the other day hoping to refrain from starting a new topic, so my apologies again

I'm new to monero mining, I have two towers mining eth, and I recently realized I could mine Monero with em too, so I've turned the monero miner on (xmrig iirc)

I have a question though about the difference in hashrate I'm getting (my hashrates are very minimal but still)

They are both almost the exact same towers (only difference is in the motherboard) what's with the hashrate difference? Is it just because of the mb?



16gb ddr4 3200mhz cl16 Kingston predator

180gb nvme hynix m.2 ssd

Evga ftw3 3080 gpu


Asus z490-a mb

Asus z590m-plus mb


Z490 mb = 3.09kh/s

Z590m mb = 5.24kh/s

I know these are small amounts but it's driving me crazy trying to figure out why there's such a difference between the two, I'd hate for it to be simply because I forgot to click on a setting or something easily looked over

Thank you

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