The way on which Monero differs from BITCOIN

The leading cryptocurrency whose behavior affects the entire digital currency market is bitcoin. Its dominance is around 60% and it marks the cycles through which this market moves. When it began to be noticed at the beginning of its existence, and investors saw opportunities in it, other cryptocurrencies were created in its wake. They tried to ultimately solve various problems and shortcomings that were noticed in the bitcoin network. As we can see, most of them ended with a poor result, and only some of them managed to break through on the market.

What problems were identified with the Bitcoin (BTC) network?

“One of the downsides of Bitcoin (BTC) that is often blamed on it is its lack of anonymity. Although the addresses between which we send our funds are difficult to assign to a specific person, we can track in detail what amounts are transferred between them, at what time, and how often the transaction takes place. ” – Said Tomasz Kabarowski, the founder of the cryptocurrency exchange office

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