Don’t mind sharing I’ve shed a few recent tears watching the Bitcoin dream become a reality.

It's surreal.. sometimes I just stare at today's Bitcoin news feeds in a haze of euphoric disbelief. Convinced we're living in some parallel phantasy where dreams can actually come true..

The Bitcoin journey must be the craziest, wildest, euphoric and most beautiful rides that most hodlers will be privileged to have been a part of.

From Satoshi to each and every single one of us that's followed.. we've all played our part in turning the dream in to a reality.

Personally l feel honored and blessed to not only have been alive to witness but also to have played a small part in line of history's greatest revolutions.

Many movies of this moment in history will be made and we will all be the stars.

It's crazy to think that after two world wars, humanity can unite in such a magnificent way and turn the hopes and prayers of the few in to the future salvation of so many.

To all the new-coiners that aren't there already, I really hope that someday you'll also be able to look back and marvel at the beautiful path you took, proud of the part you played and moved by the legacy you've helped create.

To all the dreamers, hodlers and believers.. long live the dream.

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