Fork Bisq to create a p2p exchange solution specifically for XMR/fiat (and other XMR/… pairs)

A lot of activity on Bisq is currently linked to XMR/BTC as shown by volume statistics, but actually lots of monero users would like a solution for trading directly fiat with XMR without BTC having a mediation role (security deposit). However, adding xmr as a new base currency would require a change in the trade protocol, in the DAO contribution mechanism.

Bisq is indeed entirely dependent on btc, so contributors want it to keep being focused just on btc to not take away too much time and resources from other objectives. Recently pazza83 proposed indeed the integration on Bisq of the XMR/fiat market by using BTC as collateral here . I like this proposal a lot and I hope it will be soon implemented but I cannot ignore at the same time our need to create an alternative p2p trading software based only on XMR.

So what about forking Bisq and using its code as a solid base to create our own solution? This would not distract Bisq devs from their current roadmap and would let monero users build a project which would satisfy them completely (with no compromises or partial solutions).

I would be glad to donate if this would ever be taken into consideration and proposed on moneroccs. What you think about this idea? Would it be possible in your opinion? Would you like it to be implemented? Would you donate for its development?

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