Maybe the best ICO 2021 – A review

I stumbled across the project StudentCoin. Seems to be the biggest ICO 2021. It reminds me of 2017.

The project is unique in the crypto space and if it starts to get more attention it can become a very popular coin.

In two weeks they just launched their wallet, mobile app and announced 3 exchange listings.

The team confirmed that STC is going to be listed on 9 new exchanges from the top 50 (a few from them are top 20 and top 10) from May 2021.

Their presale is currently live and 106 of 150 phases are finished.

A review is nothing without negative points and criticisms:

– Communication of the team could be improved

– There is a lot of FUD.. The team could just clear this up better and comment on all the criticisms. To improve that they are planning to make a team interview series from next week to be closer to the community.

– The 500 universities are not all real partners.. they just have students from those universities as supporter.. its not clear which universities are partners

The ico price is still really low with 0.017 USD.

A small portion of the circulating supply is beeing traded on Uniswap for 0.026 USD already.

StudentCoin is already on CoinMarketCap:

StudentCoin Twitter:

There are three options to participate:

– buy STC via Credit Card

– send ETH from your MetaMask wallet

– send any crypto to the Coinbase Commerce payment method

I just found out you can buy the coinbase packages but send more than the package price.. you will receive the correct amount of STC even if you overpay the package.

I recommend using Litecoin due to its low transaction fees.

Coinbase Commerce works also for US investors.

Use this bonus code to get 5% more at the purchase.

CODE: Sxlb8setj7

Or the link:

I would appreciate if you support me šŸ™‚

  • this is not a financial advice. Do your own research and only invest what you can afford to loose.

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