Cashed out today to buy a new Gaming PC

Around 7 months ago I started to learn about finance and decided to invest in stocks, but as there isn’t any broker for that in Albania I decided to look for other options. I had heard about Bitcoin but didn’t understand it at all. So after watching a lot of videos I wanted to invest 100$ that I had gotten from summer work.

With the help if my parents I opened an account on, did KYC and deposited the 100$. As I was still new I bought BTC and also started doing Leverage Trading (bad idea) but after losing money I stopped and decided to just hodl.

Fast forward some months BTC is around 58k $ and I have enough money to buy a mid-range gaming PC so I just sold off everything I had.

I know it isn’t the best time to buy a PC right now as GPU prices have skyrocketed but I am starting programming and getting more serious about gaming so it’s kinda needed.

TLDR: Cash-out whenever you feel like it or you need the money to buy / do something.

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