Lopsided wealth

People speculate that 0.01 BTC could be so valuable in the future that (fill in the blank). There is only enough BTC ever in existence for each person on earth to have 0.002 BTC (roughly), but actually far less than that due to lost keys. If the wealth and value of the earth get poured into BTC and the value goes past the moon, will wealth inequality remain the same as it is today? Will the people holding hundreds or thousands of BTC simply be the equivalent of today's ultra wealthy, or will it be an even bigger delta? BTC feels like a dream come true to those who are in early… A solution to poverty and inflation and hope for a better future. But if BTC is merely gold 2.0, will it have any effect whatsoever on the population who don't own gold today and have never thought about investing in some asset class?

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