Trying to buy Bitcoin with these limitations

For about two years, I have been trying to buy Bitcoin with no success whatsoever.

Since KYC laws were introduced, my options have been limited to zero. I do not have a government issued ID (not that I would feel comfortable basically doxxing myself to these exchanges anyway.)

I also do not have a PayPal to use. I did make one a while back, but it’s a personal account and I don’t want people to see my full legal name and address whenever I pay them for Bitcoin. I thought I could make a new “business” one with a nickname, but I’m thinking it would probably just limit my account permanently if I try to use the same card and phone number again. The PayPal subreddit has an “I hate PayPal” flair and it just seems too temperamental to try and mess with.

There was Paxful. You can trade Gift cards for BTC on there which I thought would be just right for me. However, they too introduced KYC rules and now you can’t withdraw money from your wallet without sending them photos of yourself. I also tried a trading subreddit last year and got scammed. Kill me.

Lastly, I live in the UK, so there’s no buying BTC with Cashapp or PayPal and the few ATMS are miles away from me (and I think these brands want your ID too.)

If no one here knows of any method I can use to get Bitcoin, then I’ll just bite the bullet and accept that I don’t have the minimum requirements needed to be a part of this thing. Thanks in advance.

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