XMR logo and name

I love the project and even more the community, with this post I would like to address only the logo and the name.

The name can be fine for me, but it does not have the right impact in English and possibly in other languages as well. For instance it is difficult to pronounce and it sounds hispanic or italian. Moreover people with a surname ending with a vocal have been discriminated in USA in the past. To find the right name for every languange is impossible, my suggestion is not to impose a name at all, every culture will find the best one. We would then refer to our coin with Mnr, with somewhere in internet (wikipedia?) a list of possible names for every language. (Mnr, should be “ok“ in Asia too, because the modern Asia learn usually the occidental alphabet).

The logo itself looks wonderful, but the colours are somehow disturbing. I suggest to use only one colour, possibly a mix between a dark grey and a midnight blue, with a white M. Very few mass adopted services use the orange (a controversial colour) and it is even more unusual to mix it with a light grey (a not attracting colour).

I wanted to write this personal contribution, only to help a project I love. I do not want to force any change or “protest“ against something.

Have a wonderful day 🙂

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