CCS idea: Cryptography/Code Bounties

For some reason, was reading through skepticism sunday. People seem to be concerned that the noethers are no longer working full time on Monero. I've brought this up before, but I'd like to start a new discussion about starting bounties for improving the Monero code (or perhaps this discussion has already been done?). This allows future contributors to Monero to choose to be anonymous if they wish. Determination of level of contribution will be judged based on the code submitted. Rewards can also be given to researchers at academic institutions. The bounties listed below are just examples. Perhaps we could even have the CCS donors themselves decide how much they want to pay out to individuals. Also this would be a payment "after the fact" and as reward for concrete work, rather than paying someone for their time and expectation of future work. I'm not against CCS hiring a fulltime mathematician/cryptographer, but this could be another way of improving Monero.

For example, one such system might look like:

Minor code/cryptography improvement: $25000 or 100 xmr

Major code/cryptography improvement: $250000 or 1000 xmr

Reward for primary research that can be directly applicable to Monero: $25000

Reward for primary research that can be indirectly applicable to Monero: $5000-10000

Significant wallet feature/improvement: $10000


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