Crypto backed loans to purchase income producing real estate

Hi All, I needed some alternate view points on using crypto backed loans to acquire income producing assets.

For the sake of this scenario let’s say I have 100k work of BTC. The 20% down payment on a home would be 45k and after all expenses it would cashflow 250$ per month.

I am fortunate to have a decent paying job that will allow me to service the debt on the blockfi/ btc loan repayment comfortably + the additional $250 monthly from the income property.

I love bitcoin but I feel it’s biggest downside is it is not an income producing asset, hence the thought of leveraging to buy assets that will pay living expenses at a future date of 10-15 years out.

Besides a black swan event of an 80% draw down what other things should I consider when scenario planning on a situation like this?

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