Just got my mom to buy almost half a BTC

Yeah, at nearly $60k my mom finally started buying chunks of BTC. She will probably get a whole coin, in the coming days. I am so happy, but I have real regrets that she didn’t listen at $6k. She is a school teacher in her mid 60’s. She is hoping to teach into her mid 70’s, if health permits so she can retire. As she tells me this, I think this is a horrible plan. I launch conversation into bitcoin and how the US dollar is losing value. I explain this not a get rich quick scheme, and how this a 4-8 year hold. The end result is she opens her app and maxs out her daily limit.

I am praying BTC will do what we think it will. I know all the potential is here and expanding. Been crypto since early 2018. Waiting around is the hard part.

Am I insane? I just want her to have solid foundation and back plan in BTC. What do you fine folks say?

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