Moving continents with Bitcoin metal seed backup plate

Soon I will be moving from the EU to the US for work purposes. My seed backup phrases are stored on a metal plate like this:, whereby one punches the seed words into an exposed metal surface. Each side has 12 words, so one would need to see both sides to access my keys.

I am questioning what is the best way to take this metal seed phrase plate during the international flight. Obviously, it should never be transported via checked baggage; the only possibility is for carry-on luggage. If anyone sees it, it could be compromised. If it is exposed anywhere in an airport, CCTV could capture it. If the security x-ray screen records it, it could be compromised. A significant (to me) quantity of BTC is kept on these keys, so the compromise case is unacceptable. I could purchase a tamper-proof bag, but I feel like that would only draw more attention to it.

My current thinking is that it is not worth the risk of carrying this metal plate with me. I should destroy it, write my keys on paper, carry those in my wallet with me, and then as soon as I arrive in the US, purchase a new metal key backup system. My main concern is that I am nervous about just having my keys on a piece of paper during the flight. What if I lose my hardware wallets and my keys at the same time? Maybe it's worth committing the 48 seed words to memory (2 separate private keys). I don't trust anyone else to store the metal plate for me. Another possibility is moving all of my crypto to a reputable exchange and destroying the seed plate. In that case, even if I lose the backup phrases and hardware wallets, the crypto will (hopefully) be safe on the exchange. I could also purchase a metal backup system that is better for traveling with.

This is an amusing, curious, and slightly concerning situation, which I couldn't find much prior discussion of. Any thoughts/suggestions very much welcomed.

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