We love new Monero users!

Welcome to Monero!

Just a friendly note from your friends at Monero Outreach. We have and continue to create tools and resources to welcome all types into the Monero ecosystem. We will share an exhaustive and incomplete list below.

Also please comment below with additional resources that maybe useful for Monero newcomers. We plan to add a newcomers section to https://www.monerooutreach.org and we’d love to know what other resources people find useful!

Wallets: https://www.monerooutreach.org/stories/monero-wallet-quickstart.html

How to Buy Monero (privately): https://www.monerooutreach.org/how-to-buy-monero.html

Accept Monero: https://www.monerooutreach.org/merchants/

Investors: https://www.monerooutreach.org/investors/

SWOT Analysis: https://www.monerooutreach.org/stories/monero_swot_analysis.html

Mine Monero: https://www.monerooutreach.org/monero_best_practices/mine-to-support-the-network.html

Best Practices: https://www.monerooutreach.org/monero_best_practices/

Contribute: https://www.monerooutreach.org/stories/getting-started-helping-monero.html

Calendar of Events: https://www.monerooutreach.org/monero-calendar/

Paper Wallets: https://www.monerooutreach.org/stories/monero-paper-wallet.html

Please share with any newcomers you meet!

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