Beginner-friendly guide on how to get started with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

As a great supporter of blockchain and decentralization, I think we should all do our best to make the cryptocurrency world more accessible if we really want mass adoption.

We probably all agree on the fact that getting started with cryptocurrency has never been so easy as it is today. However, our ultimate goal must be to show that to people who right now have no idea what crypto is, or to people who are not as "tech-savvy" as some of us might be. That's the only way everyone can really gain access to cryptocurrency.

It took a while, but during my spare time I put together a guide on how to get started with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I tried to give a little bit of background on blockchain and on the importance of cryptocurrency, before showing how to actually buy and trade cryptocurrency.

Given the target this guide has been written for, I stressed how important it is to familiarize with the technology and terminology before getting started. I emphasized how one should focus on education and avoid following strangers suggestions as much as possible.

Talking about education, I also had a friend of mine help me with this list of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and trading books as well. What we did is we basically collected all the books we read about a few trading topics, and picked only the ones we liked the most. Then we put together a few paragraphs per book to share our thoughts and identify what books should be read by whom (mainly depending on their interests and at which point they are along their travel journey).

We plan on expanding the website with more useful guides as time allows, and we would love to get some feedback. Unfortunately, the amount of time it takes to write this sort of things is not negligible, but we would definitely like to get tips on how to improve.

This might not be much when compared to the amount of information available out there, but we did our best to make everything clear. So please, if you have any suggestion for the future let us know.


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