After talking about Bitcoin to a group of friends, I was asked…

I was asked, what makes it worth its current $60,000 (give or take) price?

If it can be easily duplicated (i.e. other coins) how can BTC survive? What is preventing someone (or banks or countries) from making their own and running propaganda to gain hype?

If governments don't back it up (i.e. China just made their own), what makes it worth holding on to?

What makes it trustworthy? How can we trust a 60,000 coin, that we cant see or touch and its not backed up by anything to promiscuous us a return if something goes bad? ie FDIC.

I really didn't have an answer other than, the whole point was to decentralize from Governments and to prevent the coin from being printed. Then they turn on that and said, thats another thing, where is it? you can't touch it, and you still need to go through a third party company to pay for things such as going to Home Depot (a home improvement store) and buying a new kitchen cabinet, they use Flexa's checkout system which is assumed to have extra fee's attached to it when making the purchase.

You can't really pay someone person to person without a third party website? I couldn't answer this. As I never had to give money to anyone so I am not sure if I can out right give BTC without a fee.

I really could not put up an argument and only could tell them that I've made money off of it and thats that…. can you guys give me a youtube video or a good read to prove that its worth the investment, its not fake, and its something to look forward to not only now but for the future of our kids.

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