How Bitcoin saved my life.

I responded to a thread on /AskReddit explaining my story and felt I would share it with you guys as well.

The context was how you've almost come close to death, then some sort of gut feeling saved your life, and my views on if money buys happiness or not.

I wouldn't say it was 100% the fact that money buys happiness. But it gave me a feeling of a "reset button" on life. It made me realize, I felt a sense of I'm no longer financially stressed at the moment. My entire goal in life switched from "Month to month" into "If I have anything less than this in 5 years I will have wasted this second chance" and now all I do is help people when I can through advice on Bitcoin and how it can potentially help their future selves as well.

I won a scratch off lottery ticket in early 2019, started with 350k after taxes. I gave myself 100k for paying any debts and entertainment money. Going forward i bought myself and my best friend new cars(Mazdas, nothing crazy) and put the rest locked away in crypto that I refuse to sell till bitcoin hits my target. I'm sitting in the six figures now and have a goal along with everything planned out from here if it continues at this rate. It makes a huge difference in my mindset knowing I'm not financially stressed.

I'm not religious by any means, and still am not to this day. But that night felt like too much of a coincidence to stay in the same mindset that I had been dealing with. The night it happened I essentially bought two tickets on a whim, and as I was walking back to my apartment on the 14th floor I remember doing that whole "Look here, I'm not sure if you're real but you've given me a shitty hand my whole life and if something doesn't change tonight I'm going to ect"

Fast forward 10 minutes then I ended up winning $20 on one of them and $100 on the other. I cashed them in, bought another $100 worth of tickets and won $100 again. At that point I kinda just shrugged at the effort of the night and bought an extra $10 ticket with my small bills left in my wallet and won the "Jackpot". The cashier was much more excited than I was at this point because my only feeling was that of annoyance.

I was willing to do what most would call stupid buying Bitcoin in 2019 with essentially 100% of my net worth. But when you've fought suicidal thoughts for 10 years and are given easy money, you just sometimes have to take that risk if it means never going back.

As for r/Bitcoin I'll always be one of you guys and when Bitcoin hits 1 million in 2030 you're all invited to the best Dave and Buster's night of your lives!

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