Monero musings…

As BTC becomes more and more institutionalized(so to speak) XMR's price ratio to Bitcoin will continue to narrow the gap. With this acceptance of cryptocurrency in the mainstream you now have increasing numbers of "experts" delving into every aspect of the still mis-understood world. As these experts do research they will uncover the inherent faults of BTC and the incredible benefits of Monero. The majority of financial professionals are uninspired clones like in most occupations and will invest according to the lemmings; however, the true economic savants who have never looked into tokens will turn their gaze(and investment advice) upon Monero favorably. In addition, with increased usage one large publicized issue with tainted Bitcoin will send people out of the BTC craze and into other coins. As BTC drags other tokens upward and more scrutiny is placed on the crypto world, Monero will be singled out as the true super star.

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