Actual conversation, “but Bitcoin isn’t real.”

My conversation with my wife's uncle this weekend, I'm preaching Bitcoin. Then he states, "but Bitcoin isn't real." To which I ask. "Tell me when you got your stimulus from Uncle Sam how did you receive it?" He says, "direct deposit. Why?". To which I respond, "how do you know it's real? You didn't receive actual dollars, just a credit to your account. How do we know there are enough physical dollars to cover all the direct deposits?". He says, "we don't.". I ask again, "So again how do we know it's real? They just added some zeros to the ballance sheet and accredited everyone's account. Sure you can withdraw it but Now there is magically more money. And every dollar you have is now worth less because of it. Where as Bitcoin there will only ever be 21million full bitcoins". He didn't respond but I could see the light come on. So I just left the subject there for him to wash rinse and repeat in his mind. I'm sure he'll come around I just hope it's not too late when he does.

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