Back in the game using Unemployment $ to buy Bitcoin!

Best use of government money ever haha! Don’t worry I have savings, I’m not gambling with living expenses. I’ve just saved up a decent chunk of unemployment since the pandemic. It has been a surprise being able to get any unemployment at all since I’m self employed. I had emergency savings in place and also live a very minimal lifestyle, so have been able to save up most of the unemployment benefits and stimulus checks.

My first foray into crypto was actually a small gift of Bitcoin from my boomer mother sometime pre 2017 (she was paid by a client in Bitcoin and had no idea what to do with it, and thankfully she’s just been holding it!). At the top of the 2017 spike I sold most of it to finally free myself from debt. Yes it would have been nice if I still had that now, but learning how to live debt free and how to build savings over the past few years was very valuable and I consider it an important part of my financial training that led me to the point where I am now.

Now I’m just trying to resist dipping into other savings for more Bitcoin… my excuse is that I want to buy land within the next year or 2, so can’t gamble with the downpayment account. But maybe you can convince me to match what I just put in from unemployment with money from my other savings account. Then at least I’m winning with my own money and not just the government’s 😉

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