Bitcoin, the greatest invention since the discovery of agriculture

First of all, my post is intended for educational purposes. Logic answers please.

I have noticed lately that the crypto space starts to become a cult on his own, just like the Trump cult. You can't say a word, thats because right away you will be banned, attacked etc. You really can't have a different opinion.

I have few logic questions and for the health of the crypto projects, they need to be raised and answered. This is crucial so in my opinion the community will grow healthy over time.

And yes I do believe Bitcoin is the biggest invention since humanity discovered agriculture, but here are some important points.

  • Who does regulate the 9000 crypto projects exchangeable to BTC, ETH, Monero? ( coins that can be exchanged to fiat)
  • How many of these 9000 projects have fixed supply?
  • Why unlimited supply coins are allowed to buy fixed supply coins such Bitcoin?
  • Why the crypto space is not worried about the suspicious activity, thin air coin minting taking place in the alts comunity?

Ps: nobody seem to care, well you should! This lays a lot on the future of Bitcoin, if nobody stops the way the it's value rises ( and so is the value of ETH and others), sooner or later there will be consecvemces to the crypto space. Don't you think?

I try to get everyone and study this Twitter page, is quite astonishing what's going on

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