First £500 invested into Bitcoin- happy to have taken the first big step!

Just made my first big purchase in Bitcoin. I had put £100 into it earlier this week whilst I was playing around with the idea and checking the Coinbase app out. Received the money after cashing in my premium bonds (hadn't won anything for over 6 years and that was only £25). Glad I have started now and aim to put in another £300 tomorrow and also invest £200 into Cordano and £200 into Etherium. Any other suggestions? Will probably look into staking so as to earn some interest as well on them.

I started a stock portfolio with FreeStocks earlier in the year and it is currently up £60. My aim is to invest £300 into my ISA and £300 into crytpo each month. Aiming to retire in 15 years so looking to build up a nice pension fund to go with my teachers pension (now frozen as no longer teaching in the UK) and state pension.

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