Desperately seeking 2 charts.

So I’m getting very tired of trying to explain to people that there is Bitcoin, and then there are shitcoins, and the purpose of the shitcoins is to separate you from your Bitcoin. Yes, I’m a maximalist, sue me.

But in my mind I’m always referring to 2 charts and can never explain them properly in words, and for some reason I never saved them after viewing.

The first is the hash rates of the top 20/50/100 (or whatever) coins all presented on one chart.

The second is the value of the top 2000 (I think) coins from inception to the current day. This can’t be in dollars so it must be in percent of the value at launch or ATH or something. Anyway the top few are identified and the rest are just faint grey lines clearly showing them all trending to zero. You know the one I mean.

I have spent hours searching for these but to no avail, my google powers seem to be diminishing with age. I want to put them both on a pdf page titled “Why Bitcoin” and staple it to the forehead of the next person who asked me about this new shiny Turdcoin that some bloke in the pub just told them is the next big thing.

Any help from you lovely people would be greatly appreciated.

Love, Cuddles and hopefully Thanks In Advance, Motu

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