Reminder: The goal of Bitcoin is not to make you rich

There are many memes lately about how rich a whole bitcoiner will be. They may be funny, but if you dig into the comments a bit, what you'll find are a bunch of dejected comments from people lamenting about how they'll never be able to have a whole Bitcoin, and how Bitcoin is now only for the rich. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The goal of Bitcoin was never a get rich quick scheme. The goal was to provide the entire world a safe harbor for their money. A place you could store your money, it would retain its value, and yes, probably grow because of the debasement of fiat currencies. Never before has there been as easy and secure a place to store your savings, without having to trust a third party, or take risky investments just to maintain your wealth.

Yes, in some of his writings, Satoshi did mention that a side effect may be that some of the early supporters may gain wealth as adoption grows, but that wasn't the point. The rich have always had many venues to protect their wealth, it's the poor that have not.

We need to retrain the way we think about Bitcoin. It doesn't matter if you own 1 Satoshi or 100,000,000 Satoshis. It's not a lottery ticket, it's the ultimate savings account. What matters is not how much bitcoin you own, but rather that every dollar/yen/yuan/bolivar/euro/etc you put into it is yours, and is protected.

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