Hi, I have a question about procuring Monero from fiat using Abra and Kraken…

Hello. So, I have an Abra account and can easily transfer USD to my Abra account. Can I buy XLM (I already have some and don’t necessarily care to) on Abra, send the XLM from Abra to Kraken and then convert to XMR within Kraken to be sent back to my XMR GUI wallet?

I was going to buy just a small amount (~$200) and was wondering if I would encounter any limitations/minimums/excess fees in any way between Abra and/or Kraken. I would obviously like this to go as smoothly as possible and am asking for your help from experience so I don’t read a bunch of irrelevant stuff trying to find out if I will encounter issues.

I would do localmonero (dot) co, but the price is very high and I’m more iffy about a person than an exchange, other than I known issues. I don’t care about my privacy…right now. Any input appreciated. Thank you!

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