Please stop telling people when to buy.

[TL;DR at bottom]

Stop telling people to "buy the dip".

This subreddit routinely advises "don't try to time the market", yet as soon as bitcoin is in the red, there are people on here telling everyone that now's the time to buy and literally stating that they will be chilling out in a few days. Upvoted to the moon.

If you know for certain bitcoin is going to go up in value then whoop de fucking do, go buy some and let everyone else make their own investment decisions. If someone wants to buy the dip they are capable of doing it without your help. If they were asking for a dip they probably haven't forgotten and don't need you to remind them.

There are lots of noobs in this reddit who came from dogecoin/wsb and the last thing they need is for some investing guru on here to assure them that buying now will pay off in a few days. That's sketchy as fuck. We're supposed to be setting a good example for crypto noobs like those at r/dogecoin, but honestly at this point we're heading in their direction more than they're heading in ours.

I see these "buy the dip" posts every time bitcoin drops, and it reads like people are trying to drive the price back up because they're worried about their own portfolio. It makes me cringe. If somebody needs you to tell them when to buy then they shouldn't be in the investing / cryptocurrency game at all.

Here in r/bitcoin most of us share the belief that bitcoin in general is a good investment, but people need to make their own investment decisions. Let them decide for themselves if they want to buy now. Guess what people were saying before the 2017 crash? "buy the dip". It ended up being a much bigger dip than these guys thought.

Let's make this subreddit informative and helpful, not full of pleas for people to 'buy, buy, buy'.

TL;DR: let people make their own investment decisions. You can't time the market, and these "buy the dip" posts come off as lame attempts to drive the price back up.

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