teenage bitcoin millionaire who’s parents don’t know

A quick backstory I was around 12 and I wanted to buy a flamethrower because they look cool, I know stupid , ironic purchase . I had used to work with my dad at his shop and I saved around 1000 , so I did my research bought btc but I couldn't access the dark web properly and the website my friend told me didn't exist anymore. I was kinda bummed out because I didnt know how to get my money back and was too scared to tell my parents what happened so I told my mom I got robbed. Fast forward last year I got in touch with my childhood friend and he told me about the story. I kept the hard rive because of photos and games and stuff but I found out that money is worth around 1.5 million. I still didn't tell my parents and I decided to pull the money out a couple months back . My parents are on my ass about engineering and Im failing my first year and I am going to tell my parents this week what happened and how I am going to drop out

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