2009: Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks – 2021: Chancellor launches taskforce on Bank digital currency.

Irony is immense… how times have changed.

If you can't beat them – tax them, join them then tax them some more.

If the UKs Central Bank Digital Currency is free from traxation then Bitcoin transactions so should be also.

In the future in the UK if your bitcoin gains in value and you can buy a house with it, you'll pay not only all the taxes linked with the transaction.. but also most likely capital gains tax too.

If you paid in fiat you wouldn't have any gains.. because fiat is now no longer linked with any asset because it was removed from the gold standard.

Future bitcoiners should not pay additional taxes because fiat was removed from the gold standard.. taxation of crypto will be the second biggest theft in history.

Tax on crypto, is an attack on crypto!

We must not allow ourselves to be conditioned by and accept small minority taxes today as in the future they may not be small.


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