I have another one for you guys, I coded a Binance trading algorithm that analyses the news sentiment from the top 100 crypto feeds and makes buying decisions, and of course – it’s open source

I had a lot of fun building this algo, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out! It's probably my most complex trading algorithm yet, and I'm happy to share it with this community because you reacted so nicely to my other projects!

Here's quick overview of what the bot does:

  1. Pulls and analyzes the last headline from the top 100 crypto news sites
  2. Provide an overview on the most mentioned coin across all the headlines
  3. Analyse the sentiment of each headline and categorises the output by coin
  4. Places a Buy order if the compound sentiment is positive and the a coin is mentioned in multiple headlines
  5. It works with any cryptocurrency available on Binance

Here are some considerations that I am planning address in the future:

  1. I accidentally used Feedspospot's top 100 Bitcoin feeds, so the sources are a bit biased right now
  2. During my testing the compound sentiment wasn't high enough and wouldn't place a lot of trades
  3. It can probably make use of multiprocessing to increase performance

Anyway, here is the GitHub repo for the source code: https://github.com/CyberPunkMetalHead/Binance-News-Sentiment-Bot

And if you want a step by step guide, I wrote one too:


If you like the project and want to improve on it, feel free to send a pull Request on GitHub. Any ideas on how to further improve the recipe are also welcome!

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