I just crossed 1.001 BTC !!!!!!!!

I knew about BTC since 2014 but I never purchased thinking its some sort of risky bet. In 2017 I was let go from my job.

I started a small marketing agency didn’t have much cash but this time I didn’t want to leave BTC so I purchased as much as I uncomfortably could but then I converted a major part into other alts and lost a large portion

Then I was left with some fraction BTC

Mistake I did is that I never looked back at crypto from 2017 to late 2020 … I started buying whatever I could in late 2020 Inspite of heavy expenditure of my mother’s cancer treatment… I still purchased some more and kept very min in saving

The point is since 2017 I never sold crypto for cash

I don’t know if I am doing right but yes finally I am own more than 1 BTC !! I could have a lot more if I invested early or didn’t do stupid things with crypto

But I am happy I finally own more than 1 bitcoin 😀

Please tell me… am I doing this right? My family thinks I am crazy!

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