Sold Porsche for more BTC

Hi guys- Just a little story to share here. I've been a major car guy my whole like really. LOVE German sports cars. I've had a Porsche in the garage since about 2012 or so. Five different ones total. So I've recently become a BTC convert. I've bought in pretty heavy after reading everything I can get my hands on about Bitcoin. Not to mention the hundreds of videos.

So a couple of months into this I start looking at the Porsche completely differently. Instead of this shiny silver beauty sitting in the garage, it's now looking like a huge waste of money. A depreciating waste at that. This particular car I'd waited for for years. It was my "perfect" car. I bought it just last fall. So here I am in the spring of 2021 with what amounts to a melting pile of money in the garage.

Luckily, this particular car is rare and sought after. I was able to sell it to my local dealer for just $1K under what I paid for it. Pretty minor loss in the car game. With that money now back in my bank I'll be allocating some of that to BTC.

The main thing I want to point out is how BTC has changed how I look at money. In the past, I've been very careless with money never saving anything. Now owning a true asset like BTC I look at money in a whole new way. I want to retire one day. I can always buy an expensive car in the future. Maybe after I retire. For now, I'd rather just save.

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