Had Ross Ulbricht used monero, he’d be free.

I just watched the amazing video about the Silk Road made by Barely Sociable (highly recommended if you're into these things) and changed my mind about Ross. He always gets portrayed as an innocent who got punished for committing a victimless crime, but the reality is that he paid 650k $ in bitcoin to a person to commit 5 murders. Those bitcoin transactions happened, he specified the transaction ID and they're there visible by everyone. It turns out that the hitman was in fact a scammer and didn't kill anyone with that money, that's the good part. But Ross still paid for the killings so even though he factually killed no one, his intentions were clear.

Anyway, the only real proof of all this were the bitcoin transactions. Had he used monero, he would be free and his intentions, even if despicable, would have resulted in nothing.

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