Help me get my money back and perhaps you’ll make $5000

The title sounds crazy I know but it'll explain I've trading bitcoin on deribit since 2018 but on march 26th they've decided to block my account "due to suspicious activities" after asking for some KYC now it's been almost a month since a provided everything they've asked for but according to them, they are still investigating and won't let me withdraw my funds at this current stage also no estimate time frame has been given to me of how long such investigation could take, I trade for a living and I've potentially lost the opportunity to make thousand of dollars and will continue to do so for as long as my account remains blocked.

I've noticed that sometimes this companies/exchanges give priority to people when said people have influence on social networks perhaps a lot of followers on twitter like cryptocobain, but I'm not an influencer by any means im just a regular guy that's why In an effort to make some noise on twitter I'll be giving away $5000 in btc when deribit finally unblocks my account if you'd like to help me make some noise like and rt this tweet also upvote this post, hope I'm not breaking any rules here is all for a good cause, thanks in advance


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