Proof of Space and Time and Compute

A youtuber I like was talking about Chia the other day and the disk space algorithm it uses for proof of work.

Could a combination of this algorithm, bounded by something like randomx, be the solution?

The idea behind the current Monero proof of work is that its more expensive for individuals to run whole computers than it is for them to run a bunch of ASICs or GPUs. The cache requirements per CPU thread and the ram requirements accomplish this.

If you were to tack on say, X GB memory were X is an amount most people are expected to have. Big enough to be yet another thing the centralists have to try to acquire in mass, small enough that normal people will have on hand.

I wonder if there is a way to make sure that only one SSD is used too, that way you can't make a special ASIC motherboard or something crazy like that.

I could just be talking out of my butt here, but that's my thoughts. What are yours?

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