Best wallet for OSX or hardware?

I have exodus currently, but most of my monero are sitting in an exchange, it's a heavily regulated one with KYC which I don't really mind, I plan to hodl for some time and slowly build up a bunch and sit on them for some time. Adoption rates with Monero are low in my country aside from DNMs and I don't use them, so for now the plan is to keep it and build up a decent portfolio until I can start using it more, but primarily as an investment. I'm going long or will try and build up the portfolio for the next 12 months – likely shorter. I know there is something about the mining reaching its maximum in 13 months.

I'm by no means a programmer, so I prefer a simple wallet or storage option with a very easy interface – exodus works so far. I don't frankly give a shit about the details that some wallets offer, I don't care to watch the chain or hashes, however I do want to have some flexibility with moving it around when the time comes I can use it more frequently and send it back to an exchange to cash it out – never know with life right?

I have been thinking of getting a tresor X, or keeping it in Exodus. Not opposed to having something on my mac, no plans for mining, but do not want to lose all my gains in transfer fees – sorry BTC but the fees are fucking insane, and I've had losses/theft before. Paper wallet isn't really an option for me.

Is it safe to keep in exodus? my mac is for daily use and I'm not downloading random shit and know basic security, or do I go the tresor route? I'm not swapping to a PC. Do I have other secure and easy to use options? or stick with one of those? or hedge and use both?

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