Inputs churning. Creating new accounts (GUI)

Regarding the official Monero GUI

I used the Primary address (from Receive GUI tab) which is the same as the #0 main account (from the Account GUI tab) for 3 transactions from 2 exchanges.

  • Does it pose any risk? Did I compromise this wallet in some way?

Later on, I created separate addresses for every source (Receive GUI tab). The funds end up in the main #0 account (Account GUI tab).

Recently I red about the EAE attack and decided to churn the whole thing so I created the second #1 account within the same GUI wallet (new account address).

  1. Should I transfer all funds in one go (a bit terrifying thought) from the main account #0 to a second account #1 and leave it there?
  2. Or transfer all funds combined from the main account #0 to a second account #1 and then back to #0?
  3. What will happen if I leave the whole amount in the second #1 account with a new address (same wallet) and then recover the wallet from the seed?

Will the second #1 account (Account GUI tab) be still there?


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