My Wife And I Have Become Bitcoin Laughstocks 😆 ❌

Recently, my wife and I bought a chunk of Bitcoin after years of discussing it between ourselves. The other night we were in the HouseParty app with 3 other couples. Of those 6 people, 4 are firmly entrenched in the legacy banking system.

While we haven’t disclosed the amount we actually put into Bitcoin, we did acknowledge to them we decided to buy. Big mistake.

For the next hour we were subject to constant jokes. Wherever there was a jab to be made, it was quickly converted to a Bitcoin joke and directed our way. All 6 of them relished greatly in it. We are good sports and laughed along.

At one point, I began to genuinely laugh with them. Not because the truth of their jokes were funny, but rather I was laughing at them as they laughed at us.


Because Bitcoin is real.

They can laugh all they want. What’s more hilarious is how clueless they really are. I hope you’ll join me in laughing at those who laugh at us.

Let the haters hate and HODL on.

I don’t normally talk like this… but, HFSP.

Had to vent.

Thanks for listening.

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