Recovering a seed phrase or keys from BIP39 master key? Using Shamir on Trezor; Monero GUI stopped being able to open the wallet.

Long story short, an XMR trezor model t wallet is suddenly inaccessible using the passphrase. It had worked the first few times it was set up and used to receive some coins. After that, the passphrase only worked if typed on the device, not the computer.

Restoring the wallet is the only idea for what comes next, but combining the Trezor's SLIP39 shares to create a BIP39 seed/root key can't produce a 25-word Monero mnemonic (20-33 words depending on entropy, but none land on 25), plus I read that Trezor XMR uses SLIP10.

I am assuming there is no way to generate the XMR restore keys from the BIP39 master (converted from the shares). But is there a way to calculate the 25 words from my original Trezor recovery shares of 20-words?

Also, could Restore Height be an issue if it is unavailable?

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