Why I Run A Monero Miner that Makes Ten Cents A Day

I've been asked by several people why I would mine less than ten cents a day with an old outdated machine. Well the answer is that I run an old server anyway in order to connect the various devices on my ranch, so it doesn't represent a large increase in my monthly costs. Simply put, I don't mine Monero for profit. I mine Monero because I believe in Monero. If you want to make money using Monero, that's easy – just invest in some Monero and hold it to the moon over the next few years. That's way simpler than investing in all the kit required to seriously mine. But if you believe in the concept then I encourage you to set up a miner and leave it running while you sleep. It's a symbolic act. It's a revolutionary act. It's a proactive thing that you can do, today, to undermine the central banker's control over our society. Just creating new money out of nothing used to be considered crooked – if it was found out that a ruler was debasing his currency he would have had great damage done to his reputation. We shouldn't stand for this theft any longer. Debasing our currency is theft, plain and simple. Mine monero, not for money, but for principles. Mine monero to save the world.

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